Boost Flexibility, Stamina, & Coordination!! Benefit from fitness, relaxation, and the strengthening techniques of Integrity of Self MovementArts® (ISMA).

ISMA Core-5 Disciplines are Incorporated into Every Class.

1. Breathing – Become Aware Of and Use Your Breath as a Tool. It is a “Constant” and the Key To Life.

2. Skeletal Awareness – Identify and Understand the Function of Your Bones. Our Skeleton is the Strong Framework which Supports the Body.

3. Balance – Learn to Find Your Center of Gravity/Center of Weight. There You Will Find Your Balance.

4. Energy Dynamics – Develop Your Ability to Control the Flow of Energy Through Your Body.

5. Labanotation – Learn to Read, Record and Analyze Movement in a Drawn and Written Symbolic Form.

Our Children's Program

Your children will have fun as they experience themselves as the wonderful movement instruments they are. Using elements of yoga, tai chi, dance, gymnastics, and Pilates, the children find themselves jumping, bouncing, balancing peacefully, moving rhythmically… enhancing their motor skills, coordination, and endurance… they become aware of their breath, proper skeletal alignment, the flow of their energy, and the use of their imaginations. The boys and girls also learn to read Labanotation, the written language of movement.

Children’s Classes
6 year olds & up (55-minute CLASS)

All students begin in the Level I Beginner class. The students have the opportunity to earn certificates as they become more knowledgeable and proficient in the ISMA Core-5 Disciplines. Students tap into their natural athleticism while improving their focus, memory, and learning. Level II and Level III classes require that the students have the “ISMA Level I Beginner” Certificate or have the permission of the teacher.55

Our Private Classes for All Ages

ISMA Core-5℠  (a 60-minute private CLASS)

This is our foundational ISMA Class which incorporates our five core disciplines of breathing, skeletal awareness, balance, energy dynamics, and Labanotation. 

Anatomy & Breath℠  (a 60-minute private CLASS)

This class is specifically designed to utilize the support of the breath while focusing on body mechanics and skeletal awareness.  

Energy Flow & Balance℠  (a 60-minute private CLASS)

Energy is the “enlivening” force of lightness in opposition to the downward pull of gravity. In this class, students are able to experience and embrace the flow of energy in their bodies, while also learning how to find their balance. 

Dynamic Walk℠  (a 60-minute private CLASS)

Breath awareness and support is the underlying theme being encouraged. This class takes place amongst nature in a botanic park setting. The class is designed to build endurance by using variations in walking patterns and the alternating use of muscles.

Labanotation Basics℠  (a 60-minute private CLASS)

This class teaches the fundamentals of Labanotation, the language of movement. The first symbol taught is the “Place” symbol, which represents no direction. In Labanotation, the idea of “Place” for the support is directly related to the center of gravity of the mover. The student will then learn the directions and levels from this starting point. Each subsequent class builds on this foundation.


“I took my daughter to ISMA as early as 2 and I know it’s because of June’s class she became more aware of her body and the connection to her mind and her strength. Also known as: Confidence.”
— Toddler Parent, Gloria Nauden


“We are very happy with her progress in the ISMA class. . . And we were glad that she was able to do it in such a caring professional environment.”
— Kids Class Parent,  Donna Oti


“Thank you so very much for providing me with a new and broader understanding of the functioning of my skeleton and breath. As a result of the ISMA classes I have taken with you I am able to move with enhanced ease and endurance and this has improved my athletic performance. Additionally, in my daily activities, I am now able to “check in” with my spine and know whether I am in proper alignment thus alleviating unnecessary discomfort. I would recommend your classes to everyone of all ages who desire the fun and security of knowing how to move with ease.
— Adult Student, Elinor Reed


” I also really appreciate you and feel so happy that I could assist your great ISMA teaching in Japan!  It’s really priceless!” 
— Adult Student, Ayako  Fukunaga


“Talking about your Master June Idrissa’s Integrity of Self MovementArts lesson… my friend and I really enjoyed! Thanks for inviting us. So if you have another ISMA event let me know.” 
— Adult Student, Shishi


“June Sensei, I was happy to see you and to be your student in your first ISMA class in Japan. Your class was a lot of fun! I felt like my neck became a nice and little longer! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!!! Best wishes for your good health.”
— Adult Student, Sachiko Otani  


I can tell she’s been enjoying your class and I can even see your work reflected in her from stretching to jumping — she’s very aware of her body and confident in it. We’d love to continue, so just let us know of other opportunities to join in additional ISMA class sessions.

— Toddler Class, Gloria Nauden


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