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Master June Idrissa ...

June earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts Degrees from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. There she was introduced to Labanotation (a system of analyzing and recording movement – the written language of movement) and pursued movement literacy. June continued her movement language training at the Dance Notation Bureau in New York City, where she received her Labanotation Teaching and Labanotation Directing Certificates. June became a consultant for the Dance Notation Bureau before joining the Doctoral Program at Texas Woman’s University.

About me …

I am a vibrant community businesswoman and mother, living in the Capitol Hill/H Street Corridor area for over a decade.

I have studied dance and performed with some of the best, to include: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Harkness House of Ballet, Chuck Davis African Dance Company, Eleo Pomare Dance Company, George Faison Universal Dance, NdiBem Theatrical Dance Production Company, and many Off-Broadway productions.

I have taught classes and workshops for all ages and abilities: infants to seniors; in nursery schools and in adult day treatment centers; at retreats, pre-K through 12 schools, universities and at professional studios and schools.

After teaching for many years, I have chosen to focus much of my teaching on children, during those foundational years. Clients have included Head Start and Early Head Start Programs, Capitol Hill and Alexandria Montessori Schools, Brent Elementary School, St. Aidan’s Day School, Petit Scholars, Children’s Studio School, and Wakayama Top Health and Wellness Center, and Wakayama City Elementary Schools in Japan. 

I have come to understand that movement is a fulfilling pathway to wellness, and I am very excited to have you and your children join me on this pathway.

Mr. D’Mojah ...

Mr. Derrick aka “D’Mojah” Wilson has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Psychology from James Madison University.  Before taking the incredible opportunity to teach English in Japan, Mr. D’Mojah worked as a Technical Information Analyst with American Psychological Association (APA).  

Mr. D’Mojah was a student of Master June for many years, and in 2014 he began collaborating with Integrity of Self MovementArts® (ISMA) to provide workshops and master classes at Wakayama Top Health and Wellness Center, Wakayama City Elementary Schools, and other venues in Japan. In this role, he promoted ISMA events and assisted in instruction as needed.

In the Summer of 2019, Mr. D’Mojah taught ISMA classes for the first time independently at Japan’s Manhattan English Satellite School in Nagoya.  He taught English, along with ISMA classes, including the discipline of Labanotation (the written symbolic language of movement). 

Mr. D’Mojah has been an instructor for the ISMA children’s classes and an outreach coordinator for ISMA DC since January 2019. 

(above photo archive. circa 1980 — Master Teacher June Idrissa with her students on the front lawn of NdiBem Theatrical Dance Production Company and School.)

(above photo archive. circa 2015 — Master Teacher June Idrissa and Derrick D’Mojah Sensei with Nagata Sho Gakko students after their ISMA Class, in Wakayama Japan.)

(above photo archive. circa 2014 —Master Teacher June Idrissa with her students in ISMA Studio located in Washington, DC.)

(above photo archive. circa 2019 — Mr. D’Mojah teaches his students the fundamentals of the spine rolldown.)

(above photo archive. circa 2013 — Master Teacher June Idrissa with her student in ISMA Studio located in Washington, DC.)

(above photo archive. circa 2013 — Master Teacher June Idrissa with her students at Petit Scholars Childcare Center School.)

(above photo archive. circa 2014 — Master Teacher June Idrissa with students in Workshop at Top Wellness Center in Wakayama, Japan.)

(above photo archive. circa 2019 —Master Teacher June Idrissa focuses her students energy with disciplines of breathing, balance, energy dynamics, skeletal awareness, and labanotation. )

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