Book For Your School or Organization or Your Group

Bring Integrity of Self MovementArts® (ISMA) to YOU.  Our Core Disciplines will become an integral part of your school or organization or group’s learning environment.

We offer our special movement classes to schools (pre-K-12), daycare centers, wellness center, scouts troops, or other groups, serving children 18 months to seniors. Classes are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour and classes are customized and scheduled according to the needs of the individual site.

Classes can be incorporated into the regular day program or in an after-school program.

School personnel and/or guardians are welcome to contact us. We can arrange site visits and/or presentations to your organization.

We would love to hear from you.

Call: 202.215.9212

The Manhattan Satellite International School in Nagoya, Japan has ISMA classes daily during their summer program. The children learn labanotation, which is the written language of movement. The students enjoyed every bit of moving on command.